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Midway Oh Boy: A Joyful Journey Since 1953

Step into the heartwarming tale of Midway Oh Boy, a delightful eatery that has been spreading joy since its inception in 1953. Founded by the dynamic duo, Nelson and Millie Krugman, the restaurant’s early days were marked by the aromatic allure of Millie’s one-of-a-kind mayonnaise-based secret sauce – aptly dubbed “the tantalizing sauce.”

In the swinging ’60s, the baton of ownership passed to the vivacious Pat and Jim Wracker, transforming the beloved spot into the Midway Oh Boy Drive-In. Picture this: dipping crispy french fries into that mildly onion-flavored secret sauce – a taste of nostalgia that lingers even today.

Fast forward to the early ’70s, when the Wrackers orchestrated a grand move to the present-day location at 6620 Lake Avenue. The restaurant settled into its new home, ready to create more memories and flavor-packed experiences.

As the years danced by, the reins of Midway Oh Boy passed through the hands of passionate stewards. Larry Burgess took the helm in the groovy ’80s, followed by the charismatic James Ryan in the mid-’80s. Finally, in 1991, David and Carole Disbrow became the torchbearers of this cherished establishment.

Under the Disbrows’ care, Midway Oh Boy underwent a delightful makeover, blending tradition with a fresh vibe. The classic Burger Boy mascot got a new partner – a standardized logo with an appealing type, making it a visual treat to match the culinary wonders within.

Join us at Midway Oh Boy, where every bite is a trip down memory lane, and each visit adds a new chapter to our story. Here’s to decades of joy, flavor, and the Midway Oh Boy magic that keeps us smiling!

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Original owners of Midway Oh Boy, Nelson and Millie Krugman. (photo courtesy Chronicle-Telegram)